Treatment and rehabilitation of a child of a belarussian blogger

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A child was hit by an SUV in a crosswalk on October 7, 2022 (he was 12 years old at the time). The child was riding a rented electric scooter. Bogdan (child's name) traveled halfway down the road and stopped at a safety island. There were two SUVs traveling on the right side with some distance between them. The child let the first driver pass and deciding that the second car was far enough away and that the driver would be obliged to stop to let him pass — Bogdan moved away. The driver did not brake and collided with the child. As a result of the accident, the boy suffered multiple leg fractures. He underwent several surgeries. Until now, the child is moving around in casts and requires a long and expensive rehabilitation.

Circumstances of the case: It was a clear day. 16:00. The sun was not blinding, the asphalt surface was dry. The driver had an opportunity to stop in time. According to the rules the driver, when he saw a pedestrian near the crossing, was obliged to stop and let him pass. Probably due to inattention, the Lexus driver began to accelerate on the crosswalk instead of braking and hit the child.

I haven't seen the conclusions of the expertise, and I wasn't familiarized with the case materials. In March I received an answer from the prosecutor's office to dismiss the case, because the investigation established that the child was completely at fault. The driver was innocent and it was also stated that we were not entitled to compensation for physical and moral damages. After consulting with lawyers, I was informed that the driver apparently has very good lawyers. According to the bill issued by the lawyers, 12 hours of work (that's familiarization with the case file and recommendation to appeal the decision of the Prosecutor's Office) will cost 1568 euros. And it's just the beginning of the pre-trial proceedings, no one can guarantee the successful completion of the case.

Since the child spent several months in a wheelchair, he was not able to attend school and required constant care at home. In order to keep up with the school program and eventually be transferred to the next school year, I had to combine the functions of a teacher for all 7th grade subjects during this period; take on the duties of a caregiver and a nurse. I did not have free time and the ability to work and earn money for rent, daily necessities (food, hygiene products, medications, paying for a special vehicle twice a month to transport a patient in a wheelchair to regular visits to the doctor, for rehabilitation, etc.). In the period from the accident (October 7, 2022 ) until today, I have spent all of my accumulated funds from the past years of work on all of the above needs.

A huge thank you to everyone who responded to our request for help. Collected funds will help the child to complete treatment, pay part of the cost of rehabilitation and return to full life.

How much is needed?

7000€ — to pay part of the cost of treatment and rehabilitation of the child, to pay for a lawyer to review the case file and recommendations to appeal the prosecutor's decision.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 7 004
The collection is over. Сollected: € 7 004