Assistance to a student activist who was urgently evacuated from Belarus

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My name is Ivan [name changed for security reasons, BYSOL Foundation has all identification documents].

I was a final year student at one of the universities in our country. In April 2023, I was detained during my studies, my phone was taken away and materials were found there confirming my participation in the events of 2020.

First, I was put on a merry-go-round during which I was re-arrested several times in a row and sent to a new 24-hour detention center. This lasted almost 80 days during which I could not see my loved ones, could not receive letters or transmissions and received almost no medication. I spent the last 2 weeks on bare concrete and got a kidney cold. This has caused me to have trouble urinating and chronic pain. The prescribed treatment has not helped so far.

After a roundabout 24 hours I was sent to the investigation prison of Zhodzina city, where I spent more than 2 months. There I applied for medical help many times, but my requests were ignored. Instead, a lawsuit for 5000 dollars came from Minsktras in my name, and I was sent to Volodarka.

Then there was a trial. I was given 3 years of “home chemistry” (a type of punishment when a convicted person remains free, but with restrictions — BYSOL note) and my cell phone was confiscated. The BYSOL Foundation literally saved me and I was able to leave Belarus.
[BYSOL has all the supporting documents].

Next I would like to write that everything is fine now, but unfortunately not….

I found myself in Poland. Here I realized that I had nothing at all — no language skills, no education, no money, no job. I have a place where I can spend the night, but I will have to leave soon, and I am looking for a job every day.

I need help to rent a simple place to live and provide myself with the basic necessities until I can provide for myself.

I would appreciate caring people who respond!
Thank you very much.

How much is needed?


household items — €100;
hygiene products — €50;
medicines, treatment — €300;
warm clothes, shoes — €100;
food set for the first time — €250;
telephone — €200;
apartment and utilities for a month + deposit — €1000.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 840
The collection is over. Сollected: € 840