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Hi friends!

My name is Diana, I am 29 years old. I was born in 1994 2 days after the mustache burden fell on our country.

Since in my homeland my odd appearance was often taken at face value, in 2015 I left for Moscow in search of a job. There I lived for the last 8 years, successfully developed in my profession and even opened my own small business. But on May 30, 2023 I lost everything …

In August 2020 I was in Moscow. From pain, anxiety, indignation and worries I could not find a place for myself. I was wounded not so much by the vulgar rigging of the elections as by the brutality of the security forces towards peaceful people. I knew that at that terrible time I could not stand aside, and I too had to fight to free our people from the oppression of tyranny. So I packed my things and went to Minsk, where I took part in all the peaceful marches with banners in my hands. However, when the marches were over, I went back to Moscow.

In May 2023 I came to Belarus because I needed to replace my passport. But instead of a passport, on May 30, I was detained by GUBOP officers and sent to Okrestina to go through a personal circle of hell. There I spent 18 unforgettable days, and after that I spent a month and a half waiting for the trial in Zhodzina prison and then another week in SIZO1 in Volodarskiy.

On August 7, I was sentenced to 3 years of restricted freedom. The BYSOL team managed to get me out as soon as possible, so I am free. But all I have left is only one backpack of belongings and the prospect of building a life from scratch. In Belarus, I lost my health, my favorite job, my friends and my home. I am separated from my beloved man, and my professional skills, which are connected with the ability to speak well and beautifully, are not in demand in the new country, because here people communicate in a different language.

Since childhood I dreamed of becoming a tattoo master, and I have a great chance to try myself in this direction. But I need your help to get retrained.

How much is needed?


tattooing tuition: €1300
one month's room rent — €570.
tattoo cart — €370
arm rest/support — €250
cosmetology lamp — €140
consumables — €250.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 727
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 727