Belarusian woman injured in INeedHelp case needs help after evacuation

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Hello, dear Belarusians!
I was forced to leave because of repressions in the INeedHelp case. Unfortunately, I can't openly ask you for help, as my relatives are still in Belarus, and I left the country urgently and was able to take what I had time to take with me.

The story of my activity as a volunteer began in the fall of 2020, when my friends and acquaintances were detained. Having learned that my friend was detained after a peaceful march, I very quickly gathered all the necessary things for her and brought them to the ROVD where she was. Fortunately, after a few hours my friend was released.

But the detentions continued. Not only my friends, but also other activists of our city in Vitsebsk region were detained because of political persecution. I came up with the idea to form a few ready-made parcels for TDFs and pre-trial detention centers, so that I could quickly deliver them. When I made purchases for handovers to the prison, I really hoped that they would not be needed. However, everything came in handy. And I continued to collect parcels for political prisoners, because the repression only intensified.
I helped not only detainees and political prisoners, but also their families. In the process of preparing prison parcels, I got to know the parents, spouses and children of many detainees and convicts. To support both morally and financially the relatives of political prisoners, I and other volunteers collected food baskets, flowers, money, vitamins and stationery for the holidays. We saw how hard it is for those whose relatives are in prison, and we could not stay away.

On January 23, 2024, I was detained and my house was searched, and afterwards I was sent for interrogation to the KGB. There I was in the status of a witness and was asked questions about the wives of political prisoners. That day many of my acquaintances were detained and some of them were not released. Therefore, when I was summoned to the ROVD for an interview, I realized that I might not come out of there. Within an hour I packed up and left Belarus, taking with me a minimum of things.

My fears were not in vain. A week later I found out that an acquaintance of mine was asked questions about me and my volunteer work for political prisoners. My detention would be a matter of time.

Now I am alone in Georgia and I am going through the same path that many of you have gone through. Therefore, I hope for your understanding and support! The money that I borrowed and managed to take with me was spent on tickets and rent for the first time. Now I am looking for a job in a new place, but for now it is difficult for me not only to pay back my debt, but even to buy simple household things — I left Belarus with only one backpack.

During my volunteer work I have seen so many people who care and empathize with me that I believe and hope for the support of my compatriots! Now, unfortunately, the help was needed for me.

How much is needed?


€1000 — rent (€370 for 1 month. The total amount is needed for 3 months until you get a job and a salary)
€300 — airplane ticket (money borrowed)
€700 — to buy necessary household items, telephone, internet, groceries, clothes.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 000
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 000