Assistance to the wife and one-year-old daughter of a political prisoner

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Hello. My name is K. I am a political emigrant, wife of a political prisoner, mom of a little beautiful girl.

We need your help.

In August 2020, like many Belarusians, our family was not left behind. My husband and I went out to peaceful actions, helped protesters and the dismissed. In 2020, I signed a letter of medical workers of Belarus against torture and violence. For this I was put on the “black” list of medical workers and was not allowed to work normally.

Three years later KGB officers came to our house. There was a search. They seized all our equipment (phone, tablet, laptop) and got access to our data — personal and work mail, correspondence in messengers, files, photos, documents. That day I saw my husband for the last time…

It was scary to stay at home with my little daughter. So that night we went to a friend's house. Then for several weeks we lived with relatives and friends. And every day I was waiting for them to come for me — it was a matter of time.
Later, with a 10-month-old baby and one suitcase, I was able to leave Belarus. Now we are safe.

My husband got a big sentence and we had to start life from scratch in a foreign country. We have to learn the language, socialize, find a new job, pay for housing, food and clothes. But my little girl is still very small, and I can't fully go out to work. And my specialty (in Belarus I was a doctor) does not involve working online.
Confirming a doctor's diploma is a long, complicated and not cheap process. This means that most likely, in order to provide for myself and my daughter, I have to quickly learn a new specialty.

I would like to be able to raise the child myself for a while longer, then give her to the nursery and go to work.

So now we need funds to pay for housing, language courses, courses to change profession, to apostilize documents, to buy household items and everything that is necessary for the growth and development of a little person.

How much is needed?


rent of an apartment for 4 months — €2400
health insurance for a year for two people — €600
household expenses — €400
courses — €1000

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 4 547
The collection is over. Сollected: € 4 547