Financial assistance to a former political prisoner for requalification and family support

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I am a former political prisoner and I have to turn to you for help! Now I am in Belarus and I cannot reveal my real name, but I have found myself in such an impasse that I cannot cope without your help. 
(BYSOL has all identification documents)

During the unprecedented and terrible events of August 9, 2020, I could not stay away. Although at that time I had everything in my life: a profitable job in IT, my own projects, friends, taking care of my daughter and sick parents. But after realizing the injustice of what was happening in my country, I got the desire to change something personally. I got involved wherever I could be useful so that change could finally come to our country. But my activism also attracted the attention of the police officers. My old life simply turned upside down: numerous detentions, 24-hour detentions, administrative articles and, as a result, a criminal case was opened against me.

I was detained in the spring of 2021. I spent the summer and the following 10 months in the pre-trial detention center, which significantly undermined my health. Due to the lack of air and prolonged stay in a locked space, I began to suffer from hypertension, which eventually became chronic. 

I failed to challenge the unjustified charge — legendary victims, inconsistencies in the charge, ignoring my evidence of innocence and violation of my rights — all this was the beginning of my journey to the colony for 3 years. Like many other political prisoners, I felt not only the injustice and cruelty of the judicial system, but also all the absurdity and pressure of the punitive system in the colony (threats, reports on far-fetched reasons, SHIZO). At the same time, my beliefs and attitude to the events of 2020 have not changed in any way. 

In 2024, having served the entire term, I was released with the desire to continue the struggle, but it was as if I was in another country. Activism is out of the question. I am not left alone due to mandatory “preventive registration”, lack of work and unpaid fines. In addition to the time I served, I was given a fine by the court. Paying the fine, supporting my family and me while I was in the colony exhausted my financial possibilities. The court made me “out of the country”, and I can't find a job anywhere in Belarus, as I was serving time for political reasons. 

As an IT specialist, I am not yet able to work fully due to the qualifications I have lost over the years, lack of a computer and no money for it. The court seized several laptops from me, including my work laptop, and other digital equipment. In addition, before my arrest, my elderly parents with disabilities and my minor daughter were under my care. Now I too am experiencing serious health problems. My savings have run out and I have lost my job. The status of being unable to travel has deprived me of the opportunity to find a job from outside, which I had really hoped for. 

I can't leave while I take care of my parents and daughter. I need to retrain and purchase a laptop for work to get back on my feet. I really hope for your support and solidarity. I will be glad to have any help in solving the problems!

How much is needed?


€500 to help my family, for whom I was the main support and breadwinner.
€500 — to buy a laptop to work in the IT field.
€1000 — to pay for utilities and household expenses during my studies for retraining until I earn money.

€ 2 185 in 2 000