The police didn't like hair

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I 09.09.2021 came to the Frunzensky police department for help, due to a family scandal, the police refused to help me. What did I get in response? A huge fine, bruises, ruined hair and a big mental trauma. 

The police didn't like my hair. 

About six months ago I braided my hair in 100 braids, 90 black and white, 5 black and 5 black and red. They took me into the office and started accusing me of being bjb. I was dressed in all black and did not immediately understand what was going on. My phone was ripped out of my hands and they took me to a cell, periodically taking me into the office and asking leading questions about the rallies. Then they took me to a search of my apartment; they took the keys out of my bag and opened the door themselves, without witnesses or any documents authorizing this “event.

Nothing was found in my phone or apartment. When I got to the police department, they broke my hands and cut off all my hair, I begged them not to do that, and I was hysterical. Then they put me in the cell again. It went on like this from 7am until 4:30pm. Under the pretext that they were filling out paperwork. At 5 p.m. I was taken to court; it was by video link. The judge handed down a sentence of 80 basic. As I was told, this is still mitigating, because I am on maternity leave. After the trial they kept me there for another five hours. 

I never went to a rally, if only because it was scary. I liked the color of my hair, there was no political subtext there. I'm asking you to help me, because my daughter and I are in a difficult financial situation. 

How much is needed?

880 € — Support after her arrest, fired for political reasons.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 482
The collection is over. Сollected: € 482