Help for the family of political prisoner Alexei Golovkin

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Alexei Golovkin is an IT engineer. He graduated from a physics-mathematics school with a gold medal and a university with honors. Worked in IE in the field of IT. Always was and is a cheerful, cheerful and sympathetic person. As a child he was diagnosed with a complex disease, hemophiliac polyarthropathy.

Alesii, like many Belarusians, made his choice in the 2020 presidential campaign. He did his best to express his disagreement with the events that followed. Despite his physical condition, he went out to the 2020 rallies, was detained, for which he received an administrative penalty.  Later he fought against the regime online. Helped people ensure anonymity and digital hygiene. According to the materials of the criminal case: “he created anonymous Telegram accounts and unselfishly gave them to those who wished. He himself spoke out and criticized directly and honestly. The victims in the case were officials and policemen. While in prison, Alexey was questioned as a suspect because of the activity of these accounts online in the period after his arrest.

Currently, Alexey is in the penal colony No. 2. Despite the fact that he is currently having a hard time in the colony, he never complains or asks his elderly parents to feel sorry for him and visit him. He does not walk well because of problems with his joints. They will have to be replaced with implants. Alexei never shows that he is having a hard time. Once in ST-1 he was transferred to the "heel" ward, which is a long way to walk, but he still walked in handcuffs, enduring the pain and pouring sweat. He was not allowed to help.  

In addition to the term of imprisonment, the court ordered Alexei to pay more than 4,500 thousand rubles in compensation for moral harm to the victims. Alexei has been in custody for two years now. All this time the parents have tried to cope with the grief on their own, but now they need support. We will be very grateful to everyone who will respond to help.

How much is needed?

1780€ — payment for a clothing drive; payment for food parcels; medicine for a political prisoner. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 050
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 050