To pay for hospital treatment for a girl who left Belarus

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I was forced to leave Belarus in early June because of the threat of criminal prosecution. Now I can't go back home because it is equal to a criminal sentence.

I used to openly express my civic position, went to solidarity actions, supported the BNTU students (I used to work at the press-service of the BNTU myself). I went to the trials with political prisoners and wrote them letters. On the first day of the trial I gave an interview to the journalist of TUT.BY, during which she was detained. When she was on trial, I appeared as a witness for the defense, after which the repression against me intensified: deprivation of bonuses at work, threats. After I was accused of being the administrator of a student protest channel, I had to leave.

A few days ago I started having severe pain and fever. The doctor diagnosed me with pyelonephritis and prescribed hospital treatment. Since I am a citizen of Belarus, I have to pay for treatment in Ukraine and it will cost $ 500. Since I had to leave Belarus urgently, I am unable to pay the amount now.

How much is needed?

650€ — the amount for a stay in hospital and the necessary medicines. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 680
The collection is over. Сollected: € 680