Solidarity with a pensioner who needs your help

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The story of this village woman began in May of this year. On that day, the pensioner was strolling through her usual place — the public garden on Serdycha Street. Already there, the woman found a lonely tulip lying on the asphalt and picked it up. It so happened that the way from this park to the place of residence of the pensioner is through Pushkinska metro — namely, the place of death of one of the heroes of Belarus. 

Passing by this place, Galina left a flower there. The law enforcers noticed it and, as usual in Belarus in such cases, detained the elderly person. The police drew up a report for “illegal picketing”. In two weeks she was fined by the notorious judge Maria Erohina 150 base units, which equals 7 pensions of the pensioner!

Almost all summer the old woman tried to prove her innocence in court. So, she filed a cassation appeal to Minsk City Court, applied to the prosecutor's office… But, unfortunately, there were no surprises — the fine was not even reduced — moreover, the same Minsk City Court even refused to accept the complaint prepared by the pensioner for formal reasons. As of this month, absolutely all “legal” possibilities to postpone the term of payment or to revise the decision of the district court have been exhausted.

In spite of the daily repressions, the present situation is still unique. A «75+» pensioner, received the largest fine ever imposed on “silly grounds. After all, there was no picketing as such — there was only the movement of a single flower. Yes, the woman was already convicted under Part 3 (earlier, the pensioner had been convicted for participation in the March of Pensioners in December).

The pensioner lives alone and has no one to rely on at the moment.

How much is needed?

1,100€ — to buy food, medicine, utility bills, public transportation, etc.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 100
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 100