Collection of attorney fees for former volunteer of Polk Kalinowski

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Our son left Belarus in the fall of 2020 due to persecution by the authorities. In the same year, he entered one of the best universities in Vilnius, where he had good academic results.

In 2022, when the war in Ukraine began, being a person of high moral values, he and his friends volunteered in Kastus Kalinowski's regiment. For 6 months, the son participated in military operations in the south of Ukraine.

Today he is under house arrest and intensive surveillance. He is charged with the murder of his friend, with whom he served together in Ukraine, and who lived in his rented apartment after returning from the front.

The incident happened when there were no witnesses nearby. The son tried to save a friend who stabbed himself in the heart. He reflexively removed the knife from his body and performed CPR.

When the police arrived, the son agreed to go with them to tell everything in detail and help the investigation. But he appeared as an accused.

On June 15, 2023, our son went on a hunger strike that lasted for 2 weeks. He demanded that the Lithuanian authorities order a polygraph examination, which will unequivocally show whether the son's words are true.

The son was in custody for almost 8 months, he was released on bail in the amount of 25,000 euros. None of the conducted examinations proved his guilt. The investigation refused to conduct a polygraph examination, because “the state polygraph officer has retired.” We, his family, believe that the investigation is not interested in finding the truth.

We, the family, believe that the principle of “presumption of innocence” did not work in our case. Therefore, we, the family, turned to the highest officials of the country to draw their attention to our son's case.

How much is needed?

€10,000 One hour of a lawyer's work costs more than €200. We spend about €2,000 a month. Money is needed for another five months of investigation and court proceedings.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 620
The collection is over. Сollected: € 620