Helping a former political prisoner and his family

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My name is Pavel [name changed for security reasons, but the BYSOL Foundation has all supporting documents], and I will share my story with you, and also ask for help. I am a former political prisoner from Belarus, and together with my family we were forced to leave our native country in search of safety and protection. I will tell you about our difficulties and apply for financial support, because, unfortunately, we cannot cope on our own.

In 2020, I was brought to administrative responsibility for the peaceful protests in which I took part. As a result, I was convicted under article 368, part 1, and I spent a year and a month and a half in a correctional colony. This period was extremely difficult for me. I faced physical and mental abuse, and immediately upon arrival at the colony, I was placed in a ward for people with mental disorders.

After my sentence became legal, I was included in the list of extremists, which deprived me of the opportunity to work in my former specialty. Unfortunately, this restriction also affected my family and our options for the future.

In 2023, I was released, but certain restrictions were imposed on my freedom of movement and a mandatory attendance at the police department every week. In addition, I was threatened with another criminal case by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Investigative Committee continues to check on the case for which I was tried.

Due to these circumstances, we had to urgently leave Belarus together with my wife and two young children. We left everything and left with only one suitcase of things. Most of our savings were spent on travel and accommodation.

Now we are in Poland and waiting for international protection. However, while waiting, we need financial assistance. We need funds to pay for housing, to buy food.

How much is needed?

€2,500 the first 2 months' rent, reimbursement of travel expenses, food, hygiene products and warm clothes.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 459
The collection is over. Сollected: € 459