Support for mother and child who were forced to leave the country because of threats

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For a long time, I worked as a veterinarian in Minsk. In November 2020, my colleague and I were convicted under Article 23.34 for sharing a photo on our personal Instagram profile with bb flags. We paid the fines, but the pressure didn't end there. 

Our accounts were blocked. Because of the threats of imprisonment, many friends and acquaintances were forced to leave the country. The following year, in November 2021, my friend was imprisoned in a criminal case for our photo together. Neither she nor I had participated in the protest movement for a long time. I became very worried about my own fate and the fate of my child, who could have been left without a mother. 

My friend had been in jail for two months now. Pressure began to be put on our mutual friends, acquaintances and relatives. My friend's former roommate was taken away for a day. Sensing great danger, my child and I were forced to leave the country urgently. Now we need help to rent an apartment and buy basic necessities.

How much is needed?

2200€ — rent an apartment for a month, utilities, food for two, preparing a child for school, paperwork.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 652
The collection is over. Сollected: € 652