Large mother fired for three towels of “forbidden” colors

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The attention to my family and to me personally came as early as the campaign. Meetings with representatives of Svetlana Tihanovskaya's headquarters, with the leadership of the district. Rallies and chains of solidarity in the city were filmed on video by local bosses. 

Then came the elections, where everyone who came to the polls with white ribbons on their hands was marked with dots in the lists. In September 2020, when I was still on maternity leave, I resigned from the state union.

All this time I continued to openly express my civic position. I always signed open letters to cultural workers and all kinds of petitions under my last name, indicating my position. 

In November 20, the first search (inspection) took place in the apartment, the national flag was taken from the loggia. Two months later they returned it and closed the case. In May 2021 I came back to work from maternity leave as a head of Krupsky district House of Crafts.

The offer to resign came on July 9, the next day after another search and seizure of three towels. When they categorically refused, they threatened to put the children on the SOBO register. At the end of the day they sent the first inspection — they were checking the logs of the work. The personnel department was given the task of finding an article that could be used to fire me. Since my work reputation was serious, I had to look for invented reasons. 

Act after act, report after report, groundless disciplinary punishments (including the 50-minute absence from the place of work on the day of my trial), checks of a local character and for the first time (!) in the 16 years of the crafts house operation — from the Ministry of Culture. It took us eight working days to get through it. During that time my rights — as an employee and as a mom with many children — were violated repeatedly. 
I was fired on July 20th , according to article 42, item 6 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus (!). At that time I had been working in the House of Crafts for only about two months, more than a week of which I had been on sick leave with my children. Before my maternity leave and the election in 2020, I always had a good account with the management; my work was repeatedly encouraged, including financially. At the moment it is impossible to find a job in Krupsky district according to the verbal order of the executive committee. 

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The collection is over. Сollected: € 420