Supporting an activist fired from her job for political reasons

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Hello, my name is Gurchonok Elena Vasilyevna. I took an active part in collecting signatures for S. Tikhanovskaia, in holding rallies in her support, was an independent observer at the election, participated in protest marches, spoke at a rally at Naftan. In March she was detained for 72 hours and spent in the temporary detention isolator in Polatsk. 

At present I am a suspect in a criminal case in Novopolotsk and a witness in one criminal case in Novopolotsk and in two criminal cases in Polatsk (cyberbullying everywhere). Up to now I have been periodically summoned to the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor's Office, and the police department, and my apartment has been searched. I used to work as a college teacher, I am an excellent student (30 years of perfect service). But my contract was not renewed because of my “political unreliability. I am asking for your help, as I will not be able to find a job in our region in the near future.

How much is needed?

1545€ — Living expenses: food, utilities, medication, I have a retired father and a daughter who is a student, which should be enough for six months.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 984
The collection is over. Сollected: € 984