Financial aid for a family without a husband

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My husband is a kind, fair and honest man. For many years he served honestly and with dignity in public service.  

My husband was the coordinator of the initiative group of the headquarters of one of the 2020 presidential candidates. Going into the election campaign he believed that we, honest people, would be able to turn the regime around. Like many of us, he cannot stand idly by and watch the unlawful self-righteousness of government officials, he still believes that the truth will win, and especially if you fight for it. Just like him, we live in hope that things will soon change for the better.

My husband was detained at home in June 2020, searched, arrested in front of his daughter until late at night. Investigation, searches again, papers to work and here I am on the “unreliable” list, the infringement of my daughter at school by the administration.

But my husband had a hard time, too: being thrown from one cell to another, strangers persuading to confess or to frame others, an ambulance in a pre-trial detention center and being treated by doctors, health problems, without visits or family contact.

A Belarusian court on trumped up charges sentenced her husband to a long term of 7.5 years of hard labor and a fine, allegedly for expenses incurred and moral damages.

But it didn't end there either, trials, but already civil ones, and again we have to defend our right in an unlawful state. The local authorities made a decision to demolish his only home to the father of the spouse, and they simply threw him out into the street, violating the articles of the Constitution, contrary to the Decrees, and only because the son “messed with the wrong people”, and they are also threatening to take the land. And again all to no avail, but we are not giving up, we are writing requests, we are appealing, even if only so that we are not told later: “Why did you keep silent?
The daughter and her daddy loved to cook pancakes and ride bicycles, but now she is deprived of her nearest and dearest. And what did the child do, what did she do wrong, why should she suffer.

After the events of 2020, our family, me and my daughter were left without his support for 7.5 years. Constant moral pressure from the state, lack of means to exist. We are asking for help in order to pay off legal charges, lawyers' expenses, as well as in order to collect food and medical supplies for my husband, at least to support him somehow. Unfortunately, the financial situation of the country and the world is making things worse and it is getting harder every day to support our family and husband. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every response.

How much is needed?

1550 € to pay the court fees, the cost of the lawyers, to buy food and medical care for my husband.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 589
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 589