Family of Sergei Sikorsky, sentenced to 9 years in prison, needs help

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Our story started on 07.09.2020. In the morning, on the way to work, I was detained by the officers of GUBOP, and my husband at home. We were detained under Article 293 part 3, and then reclassified under Part 2 of Article 293. Our detention was connected to the events that took place on August 11, 2020, at Derzhinsky Ave.

My husband and I often took walks in the evenings and that evening, too. When we crossed Lubimova Ave. We saw that a bus with police officers drove up to the bus stop and they started beating people. There were a lot of young people there. My husband wanted to help the young guys who were being beaten up. He ran towards the bus stop, but the bus with the policemen had already started pulling away because stones were flying into the bus.

My husband only managed to hit the back window, which was already damaged and the glass shattered. After we were detained we were taken to Okrestino. I was released after three days, but I was still a suspect for several months. 

My husband was transferred to PDF 1. Now he is in prison no. 15 and he is serving a 9-year sentence and 300 b.v. fine. After that I started having problems finding a job as no one wanted to take me with my status. Now I am in search of a job. We have a daughter of 4 years and we really need help. 

How much is needed?

1650€ — Paying the rent, clothes and food for the child.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 481
The collection is over. Сollected: € 481