Helping the family of a former political prisoner

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We lived as a happy family. We had four daughters. And on the 18th of May our fifth child was born. My wife had a very difficult surgery and clinical death. The doctors told me to be by her side and not to upset her, to support her, but the judge knew our family and tried by all means to drag out the verdict. I was given the opportunity to pick up my spouse from the maternity hospital. 

I even had time to give the baby her first bath. On June 2nd, we spent the evening with the family and I told the kids that I probably wouldn't be back tomorrow. The kids (like us) believed that everything would be okay. On the morning of June 3rd, I left. I was handcuffed. I left my wife and children alone. You have no idea what was going on in my heart. 

I feel like a traitor. A traitor to my family. But my wife didn't break down. She raised our kids, she supported me. Yeah, I had to go into debt and loans. But she waited for me. Now I'm out of work. Living off my wife. The amount of money she spent and what we need is just enough to cover all the debts and start life from scratch. 

And no matter what happens our family will be the happiest, and we will not agree to anything else.

How much is needed?

€3815 — Loan debts, debts for treatment after surgery, medications, which were brought from Europe.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 675
The collection is over. Сollected: € 675