Fundraiser for the treatment of activist Eugene Grekov

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My name is Grekov Evgeny. I work as a tutor of Chinese and English languages.

When the protests started in 2020, I went to all 13 Sunday marches and “partisan” almost every night in my neighborhood (Minsk Uruchye and Kolodishchi). We put up flags and ribbons, wrote on the asphalt, blocked the way of OMON when they were on their way to arrest people. I also served on the Expanded Coordination Council [BYSOL Foundation has supporting documents] and volunteered during the actions — buying water at my own expense and distributing it, taking people by car and distributing warm clothes when the heating was cut off in Novaya Borovaya.

At some point, I started getting phone calls from the State Department of State Security Police. I realized that it was dangerous to stay in the country, so I left. Now I live in Georgia or Turkey. I work as a tutor.

However, a few days ago, I had an accident: while swimming, I dived into the water unsuccessfully and got a compound fracture of my leg. I was unconsciously taken to Atlas Üniversitesi Medicine Hastanesi Private Hospital in Istanbul and underwent an emergency 4-hour surgery under full anesthesia, during which my leg was reassembled. Now I am lying under painkillers [BYSOL Foundation has supporting documents, invoices and checks].

Unfortunately, it so happens that I don't have insurance. So I have to pay for it myself and in full. I am now calling all my friends and acquaintances and asking them to help me, but I still don't have enough. So if you help me to collect at least half of the necessary amount, I will be very grateful.

And I promise that the money that will come from this collection, I will return later by donations to other people.

How much is needed?


€130 for the ambulance, CT scan and tests.
€3500 — surgery
€400 — medication, crutches, bandages, brace.
€1200 — recovery and work with physiotherapist

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 030
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 030