Support for the family of political prisoner Eduard Palchis

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Today, December 17, 2021, political prisoner Eduard Palchis was sentenced by the regime to 13 years in prison. Eduard is the creator and author of the blog He was imprisoned only because he was not afraid to tell the truth and fight for the independence of our country. The first time Eduard was behind bars back in 2016 for his publications on the relations of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.  

Palchis was detained in the evening of September 27, 2020; he spent three days in some “barrack or cottage”. All this time KGB officers “worked” with him, “conducted conversations” and checked him with a polygraph. Eduard refused to testify.

While Eduard was illegally detained in prison, his wife Victoria gave birth to a daughter Emilia, who had never seen her father in her life.

The amount to be raised to support the family is €4400

How much is needed?

€4400 — Family expenses. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 5 255
The collection is over. Сollected: € 5 255