Financial aid to the Dubsky family of many children

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My family consists of 10 people — 8 children and 2 parents. My brother — Ilya Sergeevich Dubsky received 5 years in the general regime under Articles 130 part. 1 и 363. I am the eldest in the family, two of them study at college and the Agricultural Academy. My mom started having health problems after the coronavirus — her arm started to fall off. She quit her job because she could not work because of her arm. Now she is cured, but it is hard to find a new job. Winter is coming and everybody is holding on to their jobs. There are no jobs. 

My father used to work in Minsk, but over the last couple of months they cut his salary threefold and he now gets 500 rubles. This is not enough to travel to Minsk from Osipovich and support the family. He quit his job and found a job in Osipovichi, but they put him on a job that is very hard because of his age (he is 57). Last winter he and his mother had a coronavirus. He had to quit his job...Now my parents are out of work…. 

I work as a manicurist, unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, people are going less. We need help. We will be grateful for any help!

How much is needed?

515€ — for clothes, food, utilities, lawyer, school.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 065
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 065