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It all started with the police ringing the doorbell. A search warrant flashed in front of my nose and a group of policemen entered the house. Standard procedures: witnesses caught on the street, search, confiscation of phone, computer.

After a while, a call to the investigator. And here begins the most interesting part! Before the summons to the investigator I get a call from one of the operatives, who conducted a search and then took my explanations. Hello, he said. We found information in your phone for more than one criminal case, but you explain to the investigator one by one, which you also explained to us. 

Like everyone who cares about the fate of their country, at the time I wrote a lot, a couple of posts were not restrained (emotions from what was going on was rampant), on the mat did not pass… I think they'll give me a fine and everything. I calmed down (because this is what I am amicably convinced of and operatives, and later and the investigator). I didn't hire a lawyer, I thought I could cope by myself. This was a fatal mistake… 

The case was made up very quickly. Moreover, I agreed with everything that I wrote and it went to court… Just a couple of days later the investigator called me again and began to reprimand me, that I was so bad and did not tell the whole truth … Frankly speaking, I was shocked when a stack of my messages in a telegram on protest themes appeared before my eyes. The investigator went on to reassure me and say that he would try to merge the cases. I think okay… Seven troubles, one answer. How wrong I was… 

At this stage I signed a contract with a lawyer, outlined the situation. At this point I really want to fit the time, when I was looking forward to the linguistic expertise on the second episode… And here's another such bell ringing. The expertise on the second case is severely delayed. I start to get nervous, call the investigator, because I had already been summoned to the court office and received a summons for the first episode. He calms me down and says that nothing serious is threatened, just added up the punishment and something there will be deducted. The lawyer tries to settle the whole case, but — in vain. 

That's how it turned out — two criminal cases for insulting representatives of the authorities, which were extracted from the same phone at the same time. On this ground the old illnesses made themselves felt. The spouse did not get her contract renewed.
Holding on so far!!!

How much is needed?

690€ — Paying the fine for moral compensation.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 20
The collection is over. Сollected: € 20