Aid to the widow and children of a deceased Belarussian hero, liberator of Ukraine

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A Belarusian volunteer with the call sign “Bakhus”, who took part in the battles for the liberation of Ukraine in the Kupyansk direction of Kharkiv region, died in Ukraine.

Bakhus participated in the 2020 Belarusan protests, but was forced to leave the country to avoid prosecution. After that, he took a job as a trucker in Poland.

When full-scale war broke out in Ukraine, Bacchus couldn't stay away and joined the volunteer movement to participate in bringing victory closer. He went through many battles and performed well at the front.

Bakhus was killed on October 7 on the Bakhmut direction.

He is buried on the Walk of Fame, created especially for the warriors who gave their lives for the independence of Ukraine.

Bakhus's family is in Belarus, but is going to move to Europe. His wife is a civil activist and was fired from her job for her activism. Bakhus also has three children, who need to be provided with everything they need, education and security.

Funds are needed for relocation, language support, vocational training, clothing, food and for housing for the first time.

How much is needed?


Apartment for the family for the next three to four months: €2500
Language courses for the adaptation of the children and widow: €1500
Essentials, transportation, clothing: €3000

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 7 008
The collection is over. Сollected: € 7 008