Helping nineteen-year-old Dasha fight cancer

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Good afternoon, dear Belarusians!
My name is Ekaterina, and I am Dasha's mom.

In 2020 my daughter and I participated in peaceful protests and in November 2021 we left for Ukraine. Exactly 3 months later the war started and that's how we ended up in Poland.

Our family faced the worst ordeal of our lives — my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Dasha is only 19 years old and has always been a cheerful, energetic child, dreaming of becoming a doctor to help others. But now we need help ourselves.

In November 2021, Dasha and I left for Ukraine, and exactly 3 months later the war started. That's how we ended up in Poland. Dasha started complaining of fatigue and sore throat. Doctors first thought it was allergies, but my daughter's condition was getting worse. After numerous tests and consultations with doctors, we were given a terrible diagnosis — gray zone lymphoma.

Gray zone lymphoma is a rare type of cancer of the lymphatic system that combines features of two other types of lymphoma. It is difficult to diagnose and requires specialized treatment because it manifests itself in different ways.

Our family's world fell apart in an instant. But we do not intend to give up.
Fortunately, we have insurance in Poland that covers most of the treatment. Dasha has already undergone 7 courses of intensive chemotherapy, 4 surgeries and many other medical procedures. But we still have to fight for a full recovery.

Now Dasha is in Lublin in the 1st hospital in the bone marrow transplant department. She had chemotherapy a week ago and is now getting her blood counts up for the transplant. Doctors are talking about 100 critical days after surgery, when we will have to be at most an hour away from the hospital so that in case of complications or an emergency, Dasha can get the medical care she needs quickly.
(BYSOL has all supporting medical documentation)

This is what Dasha looks like after a course of chemotherapy

For these 100 days we will have to rent an apartment in Lublin to be close to the hospital. Unfortunately, we cannot move to another city completely, as I have a job and permanent housing in Minsk-Mazowiecki.

Therefore, I am asking for your help: we need funds to rent an apartment in Lublin for these 100 critical days and to provide Dasha with everything she needs during her recovery. Each of your donations will bring us closer to the day when Dasha will be able to talk about the future again and enjoy life without pain and fear. Even a small amount is a contribution to her health and future.

Thank you!

How much is needed?


Rent of an apartment in Lublin for 3 months to keep Dasha close to the hospital — €1500.
Procedures and medications for Dasha that are not covered by insurance for 3 months — €1000.
Unforeseen expenses that always appear at the most inopportune moment — €1000

€ 4 812 in 3 500