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My name is Daria (name changed), I am a student. My family and I (my mother, me and my little brother, my mother's husband) take an active civic stand and went to rallies and marches. I did not miss a single rally.  At the end of March I was detained at a bus stop on Khoruzaia Street, where I was among a few people, mostly grandmothers. I don't live far from there. But at the trial, according to a fictitious witness, I was there with 15 protesters and was waving a flag. I was awarded 50 base fines. The most offensive thing is that I have already been convicted more than once: I was taken away from Peremeny Square, when a hundred and slanderous by the current authorities. 
And the most offensive part of this story is that I have never actually missed a rally.  
I really want to ask for help from everyone who cares. I found myself in a very difficult financial situation. As I am studying in college, my mother is on maternity leave with my younger brother, and my stepfather is supporting our whole family.

How much is needed?

320€ — financial assistance.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 320
The collection is over. Сollected: € 320