Helping a doctor in a difficult situation away from home

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In Belarus, I worked as a neurologist in a Minsk polyclinic. My story, like most people's, began in August 2020. I also took part in peaceful actions. At the end of September 2020 I was detained. 

In December 2022, I found out that I was put on the list of “unreliable citizens. The only reason I was not immediately dismissed from the clinic was that I was a young specialist, and by law I could not terminate my employment with the clinic before the end of my term. I was offered the option of "rehabilitation": to become the leader of the party cell "Belaya Rus". I refused because I could not go against myself. I understood that I would not be able to work in my medical specialty in Belarus anymore. 

At some point I realized that I couldn't live like that anymore, that I couldn't morally endure the fear for my life and freedom. I began having panic attacks, severe anxiety and sleeping problems. I realized that it was impossible to live like this anymore, that I had no other choice but to move. I saved up some money to move, got a visa and left Belarus in August 2022 with my whole life in one suitcase. No money, no plans, no hopes. Now I am in Poland and am having significant problems financially. 

I worked in one place, in a store, for 5 months, and during those 5 months I had a difficult relationship with my Ukrainian boss, who treated me very negatively as the only person in the team, which consisted mostly of her fellow citizens, where I was the only Belarusian. I tried my best to smooth over the conflicts, but, in the end, I was fired at the initiative of my boss anyway. I was fired at the most difficult time, the beginning of February 2023, when the labor market in Poland was shrinking. I didn't work for two weeks, I had a coronavirus infection, but I looked for a new job despite my illness.

I was able to find a new job: in Bedronka, as a cashier. I worked there for two weeks, but then I had another problem: almost immediately after the coronavirus I got angina. 

Now I'm on my fourth antibiotic, with no significant effect so far. I can't get a new job yet, because I still feel very bad. Sick leave is not paid, since I am not officially employed. My already small means of living are running out, soon it will turn out that I won't be able to pay my rent. 

Unfortunately, I have no relatives who could support me financially in this difficult situation. In addition, the question of returning to the profession is very acute for me. I am a doctor, my work is a part of me. By losing my job, I lost a part of myself. Proof of diploma, unfortunately, is a matter of considerable money: exams, translations of documents, requests for certificates, tickets for interviews and other expenses will cost me about 1.5 thousand euros. Please help me to get back to my profession, to myself and not to end up on the street at such a difficult time for me. There is no small help, I am grateful for any support.

How much do I need?

2500 € – the procedure for certification of medical diploma: translation of documents, requests for information from the consulates about the absence of criminal records, tickets for travel to the place of filing, as well as for the exam itself, payment for the exam, housing for 2 months, clothes in the season, food, household chemicals.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 500
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 500