Support for a person in financial hardship because of a criminal case

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It all started in August…

I began to actively participate in peaceful protests. After the first days of participating, as we thought, in peaceful rallies, I realized that it would not end well and continued to fight.

The first few days I went to Minsk, and I myself am from the city of Fanipol. I was scared of what I saw on Nemiga and on Pushkinskaya Square. But I saw: how people go on and did not lag behind them a single step. 

After what we saw, we began to move forward in our city and walk with peaceful protests in our city. We had our own chat room in tg, where there were about 2,000 people. After the head of the Dzerzhinsky police department took the mother and father and children standing nearby to the police station, I couldn't help myself and expressed my opinion in our huge chat room, knowing that he would see it.

What happened was that about 2 months later 2 officers broke into my house at 7am. They took me, my phone, my mom's phone, and an old computer that hasn't worked in like 3 years. I was charged with insulting an employee. I spent three days in the Dzerzhinsky District IAB TDF. Then they let me go and told me to wait for the court papers. The phones and computer were being examined.

As a result, there was a trial, where I was given 1.3 years of home detention and 3 thousand Belarusian rubles for 1 incorrect word in the direction of the head of Dziarzhynski District Police Department.

How much is needed?

770€ — I have already paid about half of the fine, now I do not have enough for renting a house and food.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 121
The collection is over. Сollected: € 121