Helping a civic activist and relocator who recently survived surgery

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I was fired from my job in Belarus and had problems with the police for my civic attitude. Once I said the phrase “Zhyve Belarus” right in the policemen's face. It was July 2021, in normal circumstances. I just had a lot on my mind, so I said it. After that I was handcuffed and taken to the station. I served about a day, after which I was drawn up a report and, of course, I was reported at work. At work they asked me to write a letter of resignation. Otherwise they would have found a way to fire me under the article.

After those events, I moved to Poland with a humanitarian visa. I lived and worked in Wroclaw. On January 27 this year I had an aneurysm (a kind of stroke). In other words — a cerebral haemorrhage. I had an emergency surgery, after which I was in the intensive care unit and in the regular hospital ward. Now I have been discharged, but in about a month (in mid-March) another operation is to come. They want to expel me from the hostel. I was strictly forbidden to work until the next operation. They said that I should not work for at least 2 months. I am now wondering what to do next. I have no money to live on. It is very dangerous to go back to Belarus. I would like to ask for help during this uncertain period. I will be grateful to everyone who will not pass by. 

How much is needed?

620€ — room and board in a hostel for 2 months.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 634
The collection is over. Сollected: € 634