Helping a family where mom and dad were both sentenced to two years of ”chemo” at the same time

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I can′t tell you more about our story because I′m a Belarusian who is now in Belarus and has already been convicted. I can only write that we need help. Help is needed not for me alone, but for my family who lost their sources of income. We have three children. There will be more in the future as we are now expecting our fourth child. I don′t want anyone to think that I am asking for help by referring to my children. Unfortunately, I just do not have the opportunity to give my children what they need, and not only them, but myself as well. I have been diagnosed with aseptic necrosis of two hip joints. I recently received my second group of disability, so they changed my punishment to ”chemo” at home. At the moment we are serving our sentence together with my wife, and it will last another two years. Three times I was in Okrestino and Baranovichi. The first time with my wife was taken away after the search and confiscation of equipment. Then there was prison. Court, 342, and then Vitebsk. There is a lot to tell about this difficult experience, but it is not safe for me and my family now. Medications and the replacement of two joints are not as worrisome to me as having bread on the table and clothes for my children. Unfortunately, I am not able to work. Neither does my wife. And here winter is coming soon. And everyone understands what happens to our destinies in this period of time. Sorry, I do not feel good asking for help as it is. I thank everyone, not just for their help, but just for nothing. I know that there is a big family of Belarusians. Thank you!
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The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 010