Helping a Belarussian Volunteer in Ukraine

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My name is Yuras. I am Belarusian, forced to leave the country in August 2021 because of persecution by the regime (participation in protests, distribution and samizdat). This is how I ended up in Ukraine. 

Almost every Sunday I took part in Belarusian protests on Maidan, and continued to work in the editorial office of samizdat (BayProsvet). I received funds from my entrepreneurial activity (I had a sole proprietorship in Belarus), as well as from the help of other Belarusian and Ukrainian friends. I was planning to open a business in Ukraine, but the war destroyed all my plans. Because of the complicity of the Belarusian regime in Ukraine all the cards and accounts of Belarusians who do not have Ukrainian citizenship or permanent residence permits were blocked.

In March I moved from Kiev to Lviv, where I started working as a volunteer first at the humanitarian aid warehouse and then at the humanitarian-medical warehouse of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. I live with the family of a Lviv volunteer who helps me with housing and food. To this day I continue to volunteer every weekday. On weekends we do different actions with the Belarusians in Lviv (help to the refugee center “YaMariupol”, making trench candles for soldiers, sending medicines, bandages, clothes, food to defenders of Ukraine, including our Belarusians). 

Whenever possible, when there is light, I help with the layout of our samizdat. But, unfortunately, my health problems require a solution. Back in Belarus, I had a heart attack with complications, I had three stents put in because of atherosclerosis. Plus, I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. I even went to protests with an “emergency suitcase” that contained the necessary medications and a book in case I was arrested. 

Now I have been helped with the purchase of medications, but they will run out soon and I can't stop treatment. A month ago in the warehouse, where we load, sort medical drugs and medical equipment — I hurt my spine and now I need additional diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, I cannot get a job, because I have a volunteer visa, which does not allow me to be officially employed. The only thing that is possible is to open a FOP (analogue of our IP), but Belarusians are not allowed to open accounts in Ukrainian banks. I am trying to solve this issue, but, unfortunately, I still receive refusals. That is why I have to ask for help. You can read more about me at this link.

How much is needed?

500 € — purchase of medicines for 3 months; diagnostics of cardiovascular system, spine (ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, blood tests); consultations with specialists: cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, traumatologist, rehabilitologist.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 500
The collection is over. Сollected: € 500