Helping an activist and blogger get dentures

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My name is Veronika Mishchenko. I was kidnapped on Komarovka on June 7, 2020 together with Pavel Severinets. We became one of the first people arrested in the events after 2020. I spent 30 days on Okrestin and got out on July 7. A criminal case was filed against me and my friends took me out and hid me the same day. 

For 10 months I lived in Belarus illegally, moving from place to place every 3-4 days, as I was running three YouTube channels, a Telegram channel and social networks. In Belarus, my personal channel and all the resources I maintained were declared extremist.
Because of the threat of persecution, I was afraid to go to the doctor, although after the punishment I had severely inflamed gums and needed urgent treatment. 

In 2021, I came to Lithuania and underwent gum surgery. After the intervention, the doctors informed me about the need for urgent prosthetics, but I did not have enough money. Every six months I underwent treatment, hoping that I would be able to set aside funds for future tooth replacement. However, two months ago, I had to have my supporting tooth extracted because of an acute root inflammation. Now I have no teeth at all on one side.

The key issue for me now is to be able to continue working, so I am raising funds to buy the simplest removable dentures available in Lithuania. Without teeth, I cannot actively participate in my social and professional activities, which affects my ability to support myself.

With all procedures, the amount of dentures will be €3100. 

How much is needed?


  • Arch support (brace) — €750-1000 (2 pcs.)
  • 3D CT scan — €60 
  • Deep curettage (both jaws) — €70-90
  • Crown removal — €10
  • Metal inlay — €55-60
  • Metal-ceramic crown — €270 (2 pieces)
  • Partial inlay, Full inlay + impression cost — €335. 
  • Total amount — €3095
The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 325
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 325