Help for Angela Leskowski in need of recovery from Okrestin

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On November 30, several unidentified people broke into our dacha, where my husband and I lived alone. I was presented with a search warrant that listed several dozen articles. Immediately they confiscated my and my husband's phones, forced me to give them my passwords. They started blackmailing me with negative consequences for my relatives. One operative kept suggesting that I confess to participating in a protest chat room in the neighborhood in various ways, while showing a screenshot of the chat room with my account. 

After another search at my and my husband's apartment, I was brought to the premises of the Minsk District KGB, where I spent several hours. They didn't get anything out of me and gave me some questionnaire to sign, where I indicated that I had not participated in marches, had not distributed the newspaper, had not participated in district tea-parties, and so on. After that 2GB officers brought me to the Zavodsky District Police Department, and then took me to Okrestina.

The next day in the morning they brought me to a room where there was a court session via Skype. I petitioned the court for the participation of a lawyer; the petition was satisfied and the session was postponed to 14 hours. In court I explained what really happened, but the court was not satisfied with my explanations. 

The detention conditions in the TsIP: There were 18-20 people in a 2-person cell at the peak, including 3 homeless people, one of whom suffered from urinary incontinence. There were no mattresses, blankets, pillows, or linens in the cell; the light was on all the time; it was prohibited to lie or sit on the metal bars of the beds during the day; 16-20 people could only sit on the floor, table, and benches during the day and sleep there at night. At night they were forced to get up twice and stand for a few minutes. During the day you could not lie down anywhere. When I saw these conditions, I had a nervous breakdown. On the day of the stage we did not eat or drink in the morning, we were very sick. I lost my voice completely, developed a severe form of bronchitis, my kidneys were inflamed, I was very dehydrated. My requests for medical assistance were denied.

My health and my life are currently under threat because the security forces are persecuting me for my protest activities. They found evidence of this in my phone. I do not know what other evidence they have gathered for my harassment. I believe that there are operative-search activities being conducted against me in order to identify other participants of the chat room, including wiretapping of phone conversations and “tapping” in my apartment. This is the conclusion I draw from the fact that I know for a fact that there were intruders in my apartment in my absence. In addition, on December 2, 2022, the «7 Chizhy» chat room was listed as an extremist group.

Now I am in Gdansk, temporarily living with acquaintances and looking for a room to rent. I can't get a job yet for health reasons. I would be grateful to everyone for support in a very difficult time.

How much is needed?

1750€ — medical examination and treatment; diagnosis and laser eye surgery; rent a room for 2 months.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 455
The collection is over. Сollected: € 455