A former Belarussian volunteer needs a new bike for work

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Hi, my call sign is Phil.

In 2020 I participated in the protests and was in the epicenter of the events in Minsk from the beginning. I was beaten twice, detained for 15 days.

In 2021 I moved to Ukraine and applied for refugee status there. But soon the war broke out. For a few days I was in shock, and then I decided to join the territorial defense of my district in Kiev. But as there were too many people willing to join, I was not accepted.
Then I enlisted as a volunteer in the AFU. I performed tasks in the “Pogonya” detachment and in the Second International Legion.

After the fighting near Bakhmut, I realized that I wasn't taking out any more. I had to cope with psychological problems, which still make themselves felt. I decided to finish my service and left for Poland.

Now I live in Warsaw. I rent an apartment and work in food delivery (I've been working for 5 months, I'm happy with this job). I am prescribed medications, including antidepressants.

I bought a used bicycle, which has already broken 10 times — wheels, brakes, several times the seat, recently bent the handlebars. I don't know how long this bike will last. So please help me raise funds for a new bike so I can continue my work.

Thank you for your attention. Zhyve Belarus! Glory to Ukraine!

How much is needed?

€550 A comfortable and practical bike for work. If the amount of money collected is more, it will probably be enough for an electric bike (but a regular one will be enough). Thank you!

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 749
The collection is over. Сollected: € 749