Help for the family of doctors who left Belarus

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We are medical workers with an active civic position. I work as an anesthesiologist-resuscitator and my spouse is a nurse.

In August and September 2020, when Lukashenko lost the elections, we participated in “medics against violence” actions, took to the streets of our city and traveled to Minsk several times to support our colleagues. In 2022, after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, we also did not stay on the sidelines and spoke about what we thought among our colleagues.

And so, in the summer of 2023, KGB officers came to our hospital. They checked our phones, after which I was forced to resign, ostensibly on my own, and my wife was detained for 15 days under Article 19.11 of the Administrative Code (Distribution, manufacture, storage, transportation of information products containing calls to extremist activity or propagandizing such activity), and when she was released, she was fired for “absenteeism”. We were very frightened at that time and left Belarus.

Now we are in Poland. Taking into account that our departure was urgent, we did not have time to prepare all the documents to find a job in our specialty here. And we need your help while we are sorting out the paperwork.

How much is needed?


Rent 4430 PLN (€1020). Of which the deposit is 2000 PLN (€460), 1600 PLN (€370) — the rent itself and 830 (€190) PLN payment to the housing cooperative;
Sworn translation of documents about 3000 PLN (€690);
Essentials — €300

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 584
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 584