Assistance to Alexander Kornyshev for the period of rehabilitation after a serious operation

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Hello, dear Belarusians!

My name is Alexander Kornyshev. In 2020, I was the deputy head of the public organization “Alternative”, and now I am the owner of the independent online media “Vitebskiy Kurier news” and the editor of “Naviny Warszawa”.

After Oleh Korban was detained in October 2020, I decided to leave for Ukraine. Immediately after I left Belarus, the Investigative Committee began to actively search for me at my place of residence and registration. And after the investigative authorities were convinced that I was not in Belarus, I was offered to appear for questioning upon arrival in my home country.

Oleg Korban is the head of the public organization “Alternative. The man was detained on October 25, 2020 and convicted under Article 342 of the Criminal Code (organization and preparation of actions, grossly violating public order, or active participation in them) for 1 year and 6 months of probation. Before the trial he spent half a year behind bars.

Today I am actively searched again by my registration address in Belarus. This time because of the reposts that I regularly make in my social networks from my own publication "Vitebsk Courier news". My relatives were searched — this happened before, but the visits became regular after I took part in the program "Belarus to Belarus" on the TV channel "Belsat" in February this year. I was also included in the "extremist list" on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for my participation in the elections to the Coordination Council from the list "European Choice" and two criminal cases were brought against me.

Now I am in Poland. In this country I received international protection, but trouble came: I got seriously ill and now I can hardly walk because both hip joints were destroyed due to the disease (necrosis of the head of the hip joints).
BYSOL has supporting medical documentation.

I have already had surgery under NFZ (health insurance) and had one joint replaced. There is a long rehab ahead, then another surgery, then rehab again. All of this will be covered by insurance. But there is one big problem: the treatment will last at least a year — the time when I will be immobile. Perhaps, when I feel better, I will be able to work, but now it is out of the question, because all my strength is spent on recovery. And I need your help.

I need to somehow live one year in Poland until I am back on my feet (literally). I need very simple things that I can't provide for myself right now: food, shelter and communication.

I really hope for your help, because you are all I have.
And if there is anyone from Vitebsk, come to my portal "Vitebsk Courier News" to stay together. And if anyone lives in Warsaw, I invite you to "Naviny Warszawa".

Sincerely, Alexander Kornyshev.

How much is needed?


I need this money to live in Poland for a year and to recover. I need €830 a month for basic needs: accommodation, food, communication, small household expenses.

€ 2 207 in 10 000