Collection for the treatment of the Belarusian volunteer with the call sign “Yuvelir”

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My name is Ales, my call sign is “Jeweler”. I am a Belarusian volunteer, fighting for Ukraine since the first days of full-scale Russian aggression.

I fought in the volunteer detachment “Pagonya” and then transferred to the Second Foreign Legion. On August 5 of last year, I was wounded while carrying out a mission in the Donetsk region. Not far from the enemy trenches our group came under fire. I was evacuated from the battle “broken”, but I survived.

A mine fragment hit me in the back, and both my legs were pierced by bullets. There was a threat that one leg would be amputated, but after long treatment it was saved. Now I am waiting for an operation to connect the damaged bone (9 centimeters of which had to be cut off).

I thought long and hard before seeking help, but the circumstances are such that I cannot do without it. I will definitely survive, but it won't be easy.

After the surgery I will have to undergo a long rehabilitation course. I have the support of the Ukrainian state, but it is not enough to recover quickly and return to the front line. It is also necessary to purchase additional medicines that are better suited to fight infections.

I hope for your help and will be eternally grateful for it.

I write in military style simply and without pathos. It is unbearable to just lie in the hospital and follow the events at the front according to media reports. Glory to Ukraine and Zhyve Belarus!

We will definitely win.
Your Ales “Jeweler”.

How much is needed?


Rehabilitation — €3000
Wheelchair — €1000.
Surgery and purchase of necessary medicines — €2000

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 7 083
The collection is over. Сollected: € 7 083