Financial assistance to Konstantin Akinchits

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Konstantin studied at the 4th year of the budgetary department of BGAM and worked as an artist in the brass band of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In September 2020 he drew up a collective appeal of students and staff of the Academy of Music to the rector, demanding to advocate for Lukashenka's resignation, stop the violence, release of political prisoners, and recognition of the elections as invalid, and started collecting signatures. After which the BGAM administration began to put pressure on the students by applying measures of disciplinary punishment, as well as applied to the place of work demanding dismissal and threatening not to distribute upon graduation. Konstantin continued to organize students in order to influence the political situation in the country, was engaged in student self-government and various cultural projects within the walls of the academy and not only. He became a delegate of the People's Representatives Platform “Gathering” with the main agenda on youth policy, was accepted into the Free Trade Union of Belarus where he continues to be involved in the student wing of the organization today. After two reprimands and one detention, he was dismissed from the orchestra and expelled from the Academy of Music, after which he fled to Poland for fear of further persecution.

How much is needed?

The amount needed is 2,700r: 1000r — rent for two months until I get back on my feet;1000r — food and lodging for that time, I moved with a minimum of belongings and a musical instrument — I hope to continue my studies;700r — language courses.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 262
The collection is over. Сollected: € 262