Helping a family fleeing the regime

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My story is as simple as anyone who has been able to escape. For being an active citizen, for participating in protests and disagreeing with the regime — I was put before a choice: prison or emigration. 

I was happy that I could take my family, but no one wanted us in another free country either. Now I'm in a foreign country, we rented an apartment, but I had to give three months' deposit and pay one month's rent in advance. 

I worked at a construction site and was cheated and not paid. I found another job, but the salary only pays for housing. Life in emigration is also a joy, during this time I seriously thought that prison would be better. But there is no way back. I know that there are people who are much worse off than my children, but I have nowhere else to turn for help. I really saw how strong our nation is only here, in exile.  How much the Belarusians help each other in exile, at home it is not noticeable at all, now it seems that everyone is enemies, they fight and quarrel.

I know how tired we are of hearing it, of “soon, soon”, “just about to”, but indeed, the denouement is near. Yes, there are a lot of problems ahead, of course nothing will change overnight, but the air will be different, and that already means a lot.

How much is needed?

1560 € — the amount for six months of accommodation, during this period I have to get a foothold, and the money from my salary is enough to feed the children. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 467
The collection is over. Сollected: € 467