Emergency Relocation. Support for four activists and a child

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I have known each of the activists who left their home for almost a year. During this time they managed to do a lot of good, useful and heroic things. For example:
 — Constantly helping political prisoners in their town; 
 — Collecting and sending parcels, organizing meetings to write letters together, and helping their families;
 — Collecting money, helping with applications, helping them find jobs, constantly monitoring the families to understand their situation and respond quickly;
 — Support for detainees;
 — Hiring attorneys, trying to do handovers, meeting after the day; 
 — Developing new ideas for actions and flash mobs in the city and conducting them; 
 — Constantly distributing self-publishing, risking ourselves and changing routes; 
 — Monitoring the life of the city for subsequent analysis and decision-making on different actions that help develop new tactics (from communication with officials to holding actions); 
 — Learning useful information and passing it on to other activists;
 — Assisting in setting up a guerrilla telegraph, talking about physical security, moral support for psychologically broken activists. And this is the minimum I can tell you about these activists. Please help give them the opportunity to recover in their new circumstances!

How much is needed?

3300 € — buying winter clothes and shoes, renting an apartment/home (for a month), food + household supplies, travel to the final place of residence.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 920
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 920