Helping a young activist who left Belarus after being sentenced to three years of “chemistry”

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At the end of 2021, my life was divided into before and after. One day a search came to my place of residence. I was detained because of my participation in the 2020 protests. I openly expressed my position and attended all of the protests, for which I was severely beaten when detained by GUPOBIC officers.

After sending me to Okrestino, I was charged under Article 342 part 1 of the Criminal Code. In 2022 there was a trial, at which I was sentenced to 3 years of “chemo” with a referral to the DTC. I filed an appeal, which allowed me to postpone the trial.

Before the “Republican Referendum” I was again exposed to the criminal regime on a trumped-up case. After the court of appeal in the criminal case, which left the verdict unchanged, I decided to leave Belarus. That's how I was left alone without family and friends, in a foreign country, without language skills and material support.

At this point, unfortunately, I can't ask my relatives for help. During all the legal proceedings we spent a huge amount of money on lawyers. My goal now is to get my life together, get away from the stress and get a job.
I will give half of the money I collected to my family to reimburse the debt I incurred to pay for my attorneys. I would be very grateful to anyone who would help me through this difficult time. 

How much is needed?

515€ — rent a room for the first month; food; hygiene products.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 515
The collection is over. Сollected: € 515