Support for “Zhyve Belarus” hostel

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Our hostel has helped many people — free housing for the first time (for a period of a week to a month) was provided to more than four dozen people.

We also help to solve some legal issues: for example, not everyone knows that PESEL is done in 10 minutes and for free. We help collect documents for Ochrone miedzynarodowa, etc.

To help needy Belarusians, we have allocated 6 places in the hostel of the available 17. 
However, because during some periods the occupancy of paid places in the hostel suffers, and during other periods there are more than six Belarusians in need of free accommodation (we do not leave anyone in need), the debt for utility services grows, because the funds received from the paid hostel places are not enough to cover the costs.

Thus, today 9 Belarusians live in our hostel for free, which also contributes to an increase in debt.

That's why we are forced to ask for your help in financing the hostel “Zhyve Belarus”:
 — we need to pay off the arrears we have incurred on utilities;
 — We want to increase the number of places we can put at the disposal of persecuted Belarusians, as free accommodation for the first time;
 — We want to be better able to provide hygiene products and, if necessary, food to people in need;
 — We offer assistance in legalization and in finding a job;
 — We also provide psychological assistance and free legal counseling to the victims.

We want our compatriots, who fled from Belarus or simply moved because of the situation in Belarus and are now looking for a place in the new country, to know that there is a place in Bialystok where you can come at any time of the day or night. There they would be welcomed and try to help solve all their pressing issues.

How much is needed?

€20600 The money will be used to pay for utilities (gas, water, electricity and internet). We also need to buy personal hygiene products, detergents, kitchen utensils and bedding. More food for those people who have been left without means of subsistence.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 000
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 000