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With Our Own Eyes is a one-to-one YouTube podcast about “ambiguous” events created by a team of volunteers.
Our goal is to make real stories accessible to a wide audience.

Our issues contain the stories of living people about their experiences from Crimea, Odessa, Mariupol, volunteers, activists from different countries.
As part of the start of the project, the first 12 stories were filmed and released on YouTube. To date, more than 8,100 people have watched them, most of whom live in Russia and Belarus.

The stories in “With Your Own Eyes” are our contribution to the ability of people to see events through the eyes of real participants and eyewitnesses of events.

We would like to do much more and much better so that the stories of real and ordinary people are available and heard by the same people in information-limited countries.

Work on the project and equipment, travel to meet the heroes and editing releases are costly both in terms of time and financially. When starting the project, we planned to do everything “on our own”, but objectively, with support, we can do more and better.

We really want to shoot the next episodes in Poland, a country with the strongest volunteer movement that supported the maximum number of people and showed the greatest empathy for the victims of repression in Belarus and Russian aggression.

If you have the desire and opportunity to support us, we will be very grateful.

How much is needed?

6180€ — Equipment, road, filming and editing.

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The collection is over. Сollected: € 0