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Authorities in Belarus never tire of broadcasting that they are not at war with women, yet some 200 Belarusian women are currently imprisoned for political reasons. Women go through humiliation, harsh conditions, and the threat of children. For their civic stance in Belarus, they serve real sentences and lose their health, both physical and psychological. 

The initiative “Palitviazynka” is an art project dedicated to political prisoners in Belarus. We tell stories, share news and portraits of women who are now serving prison sentences for their strength and civic stance.

What is the purpose of this? To make our women visible in the repressive apparatus of the self-proclaimed authorities of Belarus. Now we have more than a thousand subscribers. Our team has already published 75 stories of Belarusian women imprisoned for their civic stand. You can get acquainted with the activities of our initiative at the following link.

At the moment the project is working on a volunteer basis. We are very eager to develop our initiative and disseminate information about it, but we need support to do this. Our immediate plans include organizing an exhibition of the project and publishing a book. We will be very grateful to everyone who will help us to tell more about political prisoners in Belarus.

How much is needed?

2060€ — Support for the project.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 150
The collection is over. Сollected: € 150