Support for “Mova Dzetkam” courses

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Initiative “Mova Dzetkam” conducts free Belarusian language courses for children from 6 years old in Vilnius. Our main goal is to make sure that children outside Belarus do not forget the Belarusian language and culture.

Starting in the summer of 2022, the courses will take place offline in the “Razam” space. By this time, various methodological materials used in the classes are being developed. The materials will also be distributed to Belarussians and Belarussians online.

Preserving the Belarusian language and culture among children and teenagers is about preserving Belarusians as a nation anywhere in the world.

How much is needed?

1700€ — development of methodological materials; payment for teaching activities; printing of materials; stationery; coffee breaks.

€ 1 750 in 1 700