Shelter for Belarusians in Kiev

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We know that a year ago most Belarusians found the courage and courage to say NO to violence and lawlessness in Belarus! And even when Lukashenko used inhuman brutality against peaceful people Belarusians continue to stand up for their rights and fight against violence.

Unfortunately, many of them are repressed, threatened and tortured by Lukashenko. Among those against whom unlawful actions are taken, most often there are ordinary citizens: women with children, doctors, workers…

People are forced to leave their homeland urgently and often without the means of basic necessities. Once in a foreign country, they find themselves in a hopeless situation, without relatives and friends, without money and shelter.

Belarusians, who themselves have been through this difficult journey, are now helping their fellow countrymen. They give them their own place to live for the first time, they help to legalize their situation.

But the power of repression does not subside, and the flow of those who are forced to flee does not decrease. The Belarusians in Kiev managed to find a good and inexpensive house which can accommodate at least 10 people who need first aid.
In this wonderful house everyone who was forced to leave their motherland can 
find shelter and all necessary assistance for legalization and relocation within a month! 
The cost of rent is 20,000 hryvnias per month.
Our tasks:
1. Within a month to help the relocate person to draw up all necessary documents for legal stay outside of Belarus and the possibility of finding an official job.
2. 2. To take part in home furnishing during living in the house.
3. accountability to every donor who helped to pay the rent of the house.

How much do is needed?

3090€ — Renting a house for 10 people. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
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The collection is over. Сollected: € 0