Extend the work of volunteers for mental assistance to victims of war and repression

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We are the first united Ukrainian-Belarusian volunteer team WEMAYHELP 2.0, which since March 2022 works on the problem of mental help to victims of war in Ukraine and repressions in Belarus.

The project is already 33 weeks old. More than 500 people have received help. The feedback is only positive. 

Today we face the need to stop the activity of the product, as we have no funds to continue the work. 
If there is no funding for the next year 2023 on December 31, the project will decide to suspend aid. Help us raise funds to continue operations. The future of the project depends on you.

We need to raise 20,000 euros to secure the next 6 months of work. The funds will go to provide marketing debt to partners, support volunteers who work for free for more than 8 months, provide basic technical requirements for the safety of the project. 

There are 30 volunteers and 28 experts who dedicate themselves for free every day to the project and to help those who need emergency help and need relief from suicidal desires, feelings of depression, tension and anxiety.
We know firsthand what it is like to lose your home or to be repressed. We are Belarusians and Ukrainians who have undergone these experiences of the past two years firsthand. Our team is now located in 12 time zones, from Mexico to Poland, from Ukraine to Italy.

Each person contacted has been assisted by a psychologist, a coach or a body specialist. Each person receives 3-4 sessions from the best specialists, who were selected to volunteer to help the victims.
In October 2022 we invited opinion leaders, political leaders and journalists to an open conversation about the future of mental health in our region. The results are in: the world needs more mentally healthy people, this is one of the main tasks of mankind at this time. For this purpose we hope to continue the work of our project, which functions to support the mental health of victims of war and repression. 

You can help us with the initial collection of 5,000 euros for the primary tasks. If we can raise 5,000 by December 31, we can extend the work of the project for a month and then look for the rest of the necessary funds.  
What you need to do:

1) donate any amount you can on this site.

2) subscribe to our Instagram, here and on the site you can follow all the reports on the project, as well as our psycho-educational projects 
About WEMAYHELP 2.0.
If you know how to provide the project with the entire amount needed at once, email us at [email protected]
Thank you to everyone who supported us for their sympathy and open heart, ready to support good and important initiatives.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 255
The collection is over. Сollected: € 255