byProsvet — association of all samvydat of New Belarus

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We coordinate and financially support large and medium printing points (purchase of printers and printing consumables, printer repairs and other related costs), as well as help team members who are in trouble.
We provide an opportunity for all Belarusians to sign their relatives for the printed version of any samvydat:


• “Belarusskiy Vestnik” and other:
• “Chestnaya Gazeta”:
• “Papera”:
• SJ editorial —  Serebryanka, Serova, Traktorny, Kurasovshchina + Stiklevo, Rozochka and other regional newspapers:
• “Vestnik Masyukovshchiny”:
• “Golas gordaga Gedymina” — Lida:
• «7 chizhey»:
• Leaflets:
• “Protestnaya Belarus”:
• “Protestny Gomel”:
• “Lamant”:

We appeal to all who will hear us:

Samvydat in Belarus needs your financial support!  

Thanks to independent newspapers and leaflets:
 — Belarusians receive information about the real state of affairs in the country and abroad;
 — the work of government propaganda gets more complicated: it's not so easy to lie from the TV screen, when the truthful news is also distributed in printed form to the mailboxes of Belarusians;
 — civil initiatives, boycott methods and resistance are popularized;
 — the names of regime accomplices and their crimes are made public;
 — the names, stories and addresses of political prisoners become widely known

How much do we need?

€40,000 for weekly printing, urgent help for team members and expansion of the initiative.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 34 283
The collection is over. Сollected: € 34 283