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byProsvet — the largest self-published newspapers in New Belarus

byProsvet is an association of people who print and distribute protest samizdat in Belarus. 

We coordinate and financially support large and medium-sized printing outlets (printing, distribution, consumables), as well as help team members who are in trouble. 


◻️Brestskoe Vremya: @brestskoe_vremja
◻️Mogilevskie Vesti: @mogilevskie_vesti
◻️Grodnenskoye Vremya: @grodnenskoe_vremja
◻️Vitebskiy Vestnik: @vitebskij_vestnik
◻️Gomel Vestnik: @gomelskij_vestnik
◻️Chestnaya Gazeta: @chestnajagazeta
◻️Papera: @papera_magazine
◻️Rose: @silver_journal
◻️Masyuki Herald: @masyuki_news
◻️Golas of Gedymin City: @golas_gorada_gedymina
◻️7 chijinfo: @chijinfo
◻️Listovki: @listovki_97

We're reaching out to everyone who will hear us:
Samizdat Belarus needs your financial support!  

Thanks to newspapers and leaflets: 

- Belarusians learn about the reality of the country's economy and foreign policy.

- Civic initiatives, boycott and resistance methods are popularized. 

- The names of policemen, judges, false witnesses and pro-Lukashenko officials and their crimes are made public. 

- The names, stories, and addresses of political prisoners become widely known.

How much is needed?

$25,000 to print weekly circulations, emergency aid to team members, and expansion of the initiative.