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It's not getting any better — since August 2020, people have been detained under political articles. Even today, the regime raises archives, searches for participants in photos and videos, detains and invents criminal cases. The flow of refugees is not getting any smaller. 

The BYSOL Foundation's Evacuation Department helps with emergency departures precisely for those who are threatened by politically motivated criminal charges. We are guided by general principles of humanity and believe that a person should not sit in jail for his political beliefs and for peaceful protests against an illegitimate government. 

In addition, we understand that political prisoners in Belarus are tortured and risk death. This is an additional incentive to help people avoid going to prison. And the last incentive is that a person will do more good in freedom, even in Europe, than in prison. 

We receive applications from:

  • activists
  • backyard initiatives
  • human rights activists
  • journalists
  • former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The hardest time for a family is when a relative comes under reprisal unexpectedly. A law-abiding citizen can go to a rally once, record an online video denouncing violence or leave a comment on social media and become a target for authorities overnight. There are only three days from the time they sign off on not leaving. Most people manage on their own. But many find themselves in urgent need of financial support. Documents, tickets, carriers, and other expenses can run up to $2,000 per person. That's why we created this levy on a centralized pool to be able to respond quickly to a family's request to move.

Once citizens who need our help get into safe territory, we place them in the hands of appropriate legally operating initiatives that help them adjust for the first time. 

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€ 75 009 in 150 000