Support the families of political prisoners

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Today, human rights activists have recognized more than 1000 people as political prisoners — this means that a person is put in jail for exercising the right to express his or her opinion, guaranteed to every Belarusian by the Constitution of Belarus. If that opinion does not coincide with the way the authorities want it, he or she is gagged by imprisonment. In such a situation, not only the person behind bars, but also his or her relatives often suffer.

The number of prisoners of conscience grows every week. Some are without a mistress or master, some have young children or pregnant wives on the outside, and we try to support them and their loved ones.

Since January 1, 2021, we have helped 346 families in the amount of 210,798 euros. These 500 euros (or more) per family often go to the most basic needs: food, transfers, and loans. We have announced a collection of 250,000 euros to help the families of political prisoners and those who are still in the process of obtaining this status but are also imprisoned on a politically motivated case.

Only by helping each other can we feel sure that we will not be left behind in difficult moments, and every Belarusian and every Belarusian woman is going through difficult moments right now. 


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€ 67 591 in 70 000