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Assistance to dismissed

Belarusian solidarity only strengthens its positions. And it definitely has no borders nor restrictions, after all New Belarus - is a country where an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, love and justice reigns.

In December we informed that we had changed our programme of assistance to dismissed because financial payments is a short-time tool for providing assistance. We went to the "long distance", respectively, headed to long-term and strategic support. And now we help to choose a retraining program and assist in searching for a new professional place.

We promised that everyone who makes an application before the 19th of December will get their payment in full. For the last few days we got a huge amount of applications which exceeded the previously collected amount.

It is required 78 400 euros including the commission to support Belarusians who need financial help because of losing their jobs, where there is no opportunity to fight for the rights and lives of Belarusians! Let's help together!
Chamber of Commerce number: 80190170
Stichting Belarus Solidarity Foundation
Address: Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35, 2595AN 's-Gravenhage, The Netherlands
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